Feb 28, 2012

JIRA filter for Daily Scrum

Here is a way to configure a simple JIRA filter to help identify items that have to workon (touched) since last scrum.
In the Issue Navigator create a query
  • Select the appropriate project 
  • Go to Dates and Time section
    • Set Update From -1d To 0
  • Save the Filter (ex DailyScrumFilter)

Now you can use this filter in Agile (grasshopper) tab.
  • Create a new Context 
    • Open the Context dropdown  (the dropdown next to Project dropdown)
    • Click New link (Open a window)
      •  Give a name to the context ex "DailyScrumContext"
      •  Under filters select the DailyScrum filter
      •  You can even give some criteria for Highlight (I highlighed the inProgress issues)
      • Save the Context (you can check the sharing if you want others to use this context).
Now you can use DailyScrumContext during your scrums to see all the items that were modified since last scrum and highlight the once in Progress.

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