Feb 13, 2014

Setup RabbitMQ and Pika Python client on MacOS

There is an excellent tutorial on RabbitMQ,  however, I thought it lacked detailed steps on installation and setup of RabbitMQ server and Pika Python client. I would like to share the steps on MacOS.

Installing and Running RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is available in homebrew

brew install rabbitmq

once installed, run the server

sudo  /usr/local/sbin/rabbitmq-server

verify RabbitMQ is running 

http://localhost:15672/ should give a login prompt, login using guest/guest

Installing Pika

Install python if you don't already have it,

brew install python

The Python formula comes with Pip and setuptools, check


install pika

sudo pip install pika=0.9.8

I also ran

sudo easy_install pika

it pulls-in additional packages for pika.

That is it, you should be able to use Pika in your python programs.

You should be all set now and can start with the RabbitMQ tutorial.

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